How to make a steam bath

How to make a steam bath
A steam bath for the face is one of the most effective and affordable ways to cleanse the skin. Steam will help maximize the pores, relieve the dirt accumulated on the surface of the skin and soften the face. Do not spend your money and time to visit a beautician for facial cleansing, because it can be done without difficulty at home.

You will need
  • – емкость;
  • – травы или эфирные масла;
  • – a towel;
  • – Soap or scrub.
Before decocting the face, it must be cleaned beforehand. To do this, you can use the usual soap, which you apply daily for washing. Or make a light peeling with a scrub. Blot the face with a soft cloth and apply a greasy cream to the area around the eyes, this will help protect the delicate and delicate skin. Collect the hair in a bun and put it under the hat.

Then proceed to prepare the steam bath itself. To do this, you can use essential oils or decoctions of herbs. If you use essential oil, you should add ten drops of your chosen means in a container of hot water. For oily skin, you can use cypress oil, lavender, chamomile, bay leaves and fennel. With dry skin – oil of orange, roses and daisies.

Отвары трав нужно подготовить заранее, для этого возьмите столовую ложку ромашки или шалфея и залейте стаканом кипятка, настаивайте в закрытой посуде. Затем процедите и вылейте в емкость с горячей водой (стакан настоя на два литра воды).

После того как вода остынет до температуры 60-70 градусов, можно приступать к процедуре распаривания лица. Наклоните голову над емкостью с приготовленным раствором на расстоянии 10-15 сантиметров и накройтесь полотенцем, чтобы максимально удержать пар. Глаза при этом должны быть закрыты, чтобы не получить ожог от пара. Продолжительность ванны составляет 5-20 минут, в зависимости от ваших ощущений.

After a steam bath, you can clean the skin of your face from black spots and small pimples. This will be easy to do, as the pores are maximally expanded, and the skin is relaxed. Disinfect the hands with alcohol or cologne. Then wash with cool water, it will narrow the expanded pores of the pores, and try not to go out on this day.

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