How to make a stained glass french

How to make a stained glass french
Stained glass french – a new direction in the design of nails. There are many techniques for its manufacture. There are some simple options that you can try yourself.

You will need
  • гель, акриловая краска, гелевая ручка, лаки для ногтей, кисточки, закрепитель.
To create a stained-glass window френча используйте цветные гели или акрил на прозрачной основе. Как самостоятельный материал применяйте цветные добавки в мономеры и гели. С их помощью можно создать как основной тон, так и оттенок будущего витража.

First, determine the technique to be performed by the stained glass френч. This can be a mosaic, contour, combined or painted stained glass.

For the contour stained glass on the prepared modeled nail with a free transparent edge, apply various stripes or geometric shapes in black. Put them on top of each other, fill the entire free edge. For the contour, use a gel pen, a regular gel or acrylic paint.

Fill all the emptiness of the figures with varnish or acrylic paint. Apply any colors, if only they are in harmony with each other. Fill the ink evenly and be sure to keep the transparency of the free edge.

Decorate the smile line and cover the nails with a fixer.

Для мозаичного витража нарисуйте контуры мозаичных элементов без пересекающихся линий. Разрисуйте всю площадь прозрачного удлиненного края ногтя.

Fill the individual voids with varnish or paint, preserving the transparency effect. Again, draw a line of a smile and cover everything with a fixer.

Сделайте свободный край френчbut colored, but necessarily transparent. Next draw the geometric shapes – ornament and selectively fill them with varnish, leaving some elements of the original background.

In the painted stained glass, create a background of a free edge. Then make a painting in the style of abstraction, ornamentation or floristry. In this case, the background elements must be transparent. Draw all outlines with the outline.

With combined stained glass, use different techniques. Here everything is subordinated to your imagination. Add different accessories that create an optical effect. Use foil, mica, opals and other materials.

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