How to make a smooth face

How to make a smooth face
Smooth velvety skin is a rare gift. Few can boast perfectly flat skin without any defects. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to achieve such a result. By following some recommendations, you can make the skin of your dreams.

The main rule: take care of your skin constantly. You must делать it's every day. It happens so – you start care, get a good result and forget that such a problem existed for you. Result? Gradually the effect will come to naught, and to achieve again this will be more difficult.

Ежедневный уход за кожей лица заключается в очищении и увлажнении. Каждый день очищайте кожу means, подходящими ее типу. Если у вас кожа склонная к угревым высыпаниям – используйте гель for washing for problem skin. If you have dry skin, use soft tonics, if sensitive, is appropriate for her. Do not wash your face with soap. Whatever type of skin you have, soap removes the protective film from the skin, which leads to its easy injury, irritation, dryness, and so on.

Once or twice in week cleanse your face with a scrub or gommage. Scrubs are more rough by texture, and they can be use people with oily кожей. Тем, у кого чувствительная или сухая кожа подойдут гоммажи, которые очищают верхний слой эпидермиса при помощи гладких полипропиленовых шариков, не травмирующих кожу.

Begin skin care as early as possible. Just recently, it was believed that the young skin does not need care with the help of cosmetics. But, correctly matched cosmetics not only does not hurt, but, on the contrary, will help maintain an attractive appearance for many years.

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