How to Make a Smokey-Ice Makeup for Green Eyes

How to Make a Smokey-Ice Makeup for Green Eyes
Makeup with the effect of smoky eyes from the fashion novelty has become a classic. However, it can also bring in original notes – for example, to make colored smokeys. Correctly selected shade of shadows and carcasses will emphasize the color of the iris and visually increase the eyes.

Choose shades

Girls with green eyes will approach fashionable claret and brown scales. Effectively will look and shadows of color khaki, and also classical black color. Shadows can have a different texture – you can draw spectacular figs with cream, gel or powder. To complete the image you need podvodka and mascara – they will add makeup to the brightness.

Classical smoky eyes can be drawn with the help of shadows in a pencil – it is shaded by the applicator, and color transitions are achieved by layer-by-layer application. If you prefer a classic approach, use shades of three shades – light, medium and dark. Select the shades in the desired range and carefully shade them for a smooth transition of color.

Very handy special kits for creating "smokey-ayz". In a convenient box are collected three shades of shadows, a brush and an applicator, and sometimes even a piping.

Classic make-up in brown tones

Try to create around the green eyes a spectacular chocolate haze. Select the shade of the appropriate tone. For warm golden-green eyes, soft shades of cocoa and cinnamon will suit, and for cool greyish-green, you need more saturated tones of bitter chocolate.

Bring your eyebrows in order – they will give the person a well-groomed appearance.

Apply a mobile eyelid cream or gel base for shadows. Stuff it into the skin with the pads of your fingers and allow the medium to soak. On the upper eyelid, apply light gray-beige shadows, shading them towards the eyebrows. Under the brow, you can apply a light golden or pearl white flare.

On the mobile eyelid, put a layer of shadows in the color of gravel, cocoa or milk chocolate. Mold them so that the color transition turns smooth. Draw a few shadows on the applicator and carefully lower the eyelid. In the outer corner, you can increase the intensity of the color.

Самый темный оттенок теней – шоколадный или черно-коричневый – добавьте во внешний уголок глаза и складку верхнего века. Растирайте линии аппликатором, чтобы переход цвета получился плавным. Внешний уголок нижнего века также оттените темным цветом.

On the upper eyelid, apply sulfuric or chocolate-brown eyeliner, holding the brush as close as possible to the line of growth of the eyelashes. Use a cream or gel liner with the smallest sparkles – it looks particularly expressive. In conclusion, make up eyelashes with two layers of velvet-black carcass. Fashion smoky makeup for green eyes is ready.

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