How to make a slanting bang

How to make a slanting bang
The slanting fringe is very popular among many women (regardless of age) and even among some men. Since such bangs are rather long, it can be stacked in a variety of ways, constantly experimenting with appearance. The oblique fringe is quite simple in execution. You can even try to make it yourself.

You will need
  • Scissors
  • Comb
  • Mirror
  • Barrette
That do oblivious fringe to begin with, decide on its type, length and density. Then separate the future fringe от остальных volos, removing the remaining hair in the bundle.

Kosaya bang is done with the help of technology filing, поэтому по возможности используйте только самые thin and sharp scissors that can be found.

Выстригайте форму вашей bangs сверху вниз, действуя ножницами под углом в 45 градусов.

Когда делаете oblivious fringe, всегда оставляйте несколько лишних сантиметров по всей длине волос – отстричь вы их всегда успеете, а вот отрастать нечаянно обрезанные centimeters will be very long.

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