How to make a simple drawing on nails

How to make a simple drawing on nails
Doing a bright manicure, consider that he will draw attention not only to your nails, but also to your hands. Take care that the skin of the hands is smooth and gentle, and the nails are well-groomed. In time, remove the cuticle and properly handle the nail plates, do not allow burrs and bundles. Blemish varnish can spoil any рисунок.

You will need
  • – colored varnishes;
  • – clear nail polish;
  • – wooden toothpick;
  • – a needle;
  • – a thin brush.
Coat nails цветным однотонным лаком в два слоя. Нанесите на поверхность по диагонали три крупных капли другим цветным лаком. Проведите через свежие points острым концом зубочистки. Ваши отдельные капли соединились в своеобразную цепочку. Готовый рисунок on nails fix with a transparent varnish.

Определитесь с основой под рисунок. Фон может быть яркий или прозрачный, все зависит от вашего настроения. Возьмите иголку и макайте ее кончик в контрастный лак. Разделите ногтевую plate diagonally with a thin line. Put a lot of tiny dots on one of the halves. Just do it the same way at all nails. Fill either the internal or external aside.

Apply a background lacquer on the nails. Use a thin brush to draw on nails small hearts. Use a different varnish for this purpose. It will be better if a friend helps you. Making Thin рисунок to myself on both hands неудобно.

Make on nails solid basis. Take two contrasting colored varnishes. Well if one of them will be silver or gold. Maknite in the lacquer tip of the toothpick. Swipe from one point on the edge nail three thin rays. Dip a clean toothpick into another varnish and alternate lines, make the rays from the same point.

Paint nails in one color. In the middle of the dried surface, put a greasy point with a varnish of a different color. At its center, make a small drop of another color. With the tip of the needle, thin Luchiki from the center to the edges of the nail.

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