How to make a round face

How to make a round face
Girls with an oblong and elongated face form a lot. But if you apply some tricks in make-up, hairstyle and choice of clothes – the face can be visually made round.

С using makeup round the face visually by emphasizing the zone of the temples, chin and the area above the cheekbones. Use the blush one tone darker than the shade that covers the entire face.

Another way to lengthen the face – cover it with a liquid tone, and then powder with a compact powder, which should be a shade darker than the tone. In this case, on the cheekbones, apply a blush of natural color with horizontal (not vertical!) Lines. Do not use the blush of bright colors, as they will indicate the line of the chin, which you absolutely do not need.

Bring the eyes of arrows that go beyond the limits of the century, use in the make-up of your eyes dark shades.

Prefer hair styles that round the face. This is the square that reaches the line of the chin, or a haircut with a volume across the head and the length to the neck, or a V-shaped hairdo, in which the sides are shorter than the rear.

Wear hairstyles with curls, waves, bangs to the eyebrows, side partitions on the head (and not the central ones), remove the hair back from the face or frame them. These techniques in the hairstyle will allow you to visually make a more round face. But avoid ultrashort haircuts or long thin hair, flowing straight strands to the shoulders.

From the wardrobe exclude T-shirts on thin straps, tops, blouses should not have a crooked cutout, as these elements in clothing attract attention to the length of the face, visually pulling it and neck. Better add to your clothes blouses, blouses and dresses with a horizontal or simply with a wide neckline, giving a roundness to the features of the face.

Among most ornaments, stop for short necklaces, necklaces from round beads, gothic necklaces-collars, large earrings in the form of stars, rings, flowers, which are located in the ear lobes.

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