How to make a romantic hairstyle

How to make a romantic hairstyle
Romantic hairstyles with curls, braids and graceful knots made of hair will make you exquisite and very feminine. This style can be made for a holiday, a party and, of course, a date. Choose simple hairstyle options that are easy to make by yourself.

Elegant curls

This hairstyle is ideal for long and semi-long hair. To curls turned out more clear, pre wash your head and apply a conditioner on the roots of hair, giving volume. Then, dry the hair with a hair dryer and straighten the strands with an iron.

Отделяйте небольшие пряди, сбрызгивайте их спреем для укладки, а затем накручивайте на бигуди среднего размера. Завивайте волосы в разных направлениях – так кудри будут выглядеть естественно. Начните укладку с макушки и затылка, затем завейте волосы на висках. В последнюю очередь накрутите челку. Высушите голову феном. Чтобы локоны сохранили объем и не обвисли, они должны полностью просохнуть.

Carefully remove the curlers. Rub in the palms of the styling cream and whip the hair. Then divide them into a straight or oblique parting. Individual locks can be pinched by forceps. Scrunch your hair with a varnish and decorate it with an artificial flower or pin on the side a beautiful hair clip.

Romantic wreath

Semi-long straight or wavy hair can be beautifully laid around the head. Wash your head, dry your hair with a hair dryer and treat with mousse for styling. Divide them into an oblique parting and carefully comb.

Start the styling on the left side of the parting. With both hands, lift up narrow strands, twist their ends into a non-coarse tourniquet, and then wiggle into a roller, pinning with studs. Make sure that the roller lies flat, taking the form of a wreath. Hairpins better to work from the top down and a little obliquely – so they securely fix the hair. After reaching the right ear, tuck the ends of the hair inside. With a comb with a long handle, tuck off the strands and sprinkle your hair with glitter.

Elegant knot

Try to make a stylish hairstyle – a low knot. The thicker the hair, the more beautiful will be the styling. That she did not look too strict, curl up a bang and decorate a hairdress with hair jewelry.

Волосы обработайте утюжком, предварительно сбрызнув их разглаживающим спреем. Расчешите пряди щеткой и соберите их в низкий хвост на затылке. Начешите его, слегка пригладьте щеткой и сбрызните лаком. Конец хвоста скрепите зажимом.

Raise the hair and hairpins into the hair color pin the end of the tail under its base. Arrange hairpins in the form of a horseshoe – so they reliably hold your hair. Lower the tail, smooth it with a brush and sprinkle with varnish. End the hair ends under the knot and secure with a hairpin. At the base prikolite artificial flowers.

Fix the fringe with mousse or spray for styling and wind with forceps. Scratch your bangs and give a thin comb to it in the form of a wave, raised with a forehead. Fix the hair with a strong lacquer.

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