How to make a quick hairstyle

How to make a quick hairstyle
Are you going to a presentation or a party, and you want to be on top and look more beautiful and exquisite than ever? You have already thought out your outfit to the smallest detail, but you lost sight of your hair. More precisely, they did not miss it, but you do not have time to visit the hairdressing salon. The only way out is to make a quick haircut yourself.

You will need
  • hairbrush, hair dryer, hair curler, hair spray, hair clip or tight elastic band
Wash the head with the shampoo that you normally use. Rinse hair бальзамом и, по возможности, сделайте питательную или восстанавливающую маску для своего типа volos. Rinse your hair very carefully so that they literally creak.

Relax lying in the bathroom for a few minutes, meditate, throw out of your head all the unpleasant thoughts. Think over your image. After all hairstyle, however, should approach the dress and make-up, and at the same time, if you have a particularly solemn exit, it should in no case be the same, which you wear daily. At the same time, remember – today in vogue is natural.

Comb the damp hair, apply foam on them for styling, comb it again and use it with your hands hair approximately the desired shape. Dry the hair with a hair dryer, and start the procedure with the lower strands and gradually move the flow of hot air to the crown. At the same time, keep the hair dryer so that the main jet falls on the roots. In general, give the roots maximum attention, because they create the maximum volume.

Having dried hair percent on 70-80, now it is possible start off try to make a quick hairstyle, which will decorate you throughout the evening, proceeding, as it were, to say directly to the process. Collect all the hair on the back of the head, fasten it with a hair clip or a tight elastic band. Now pull out from the received tail on a small string and wind each of them on a curling rod. But before you start to curl it, comb it with a brush for hair and lightly drizzle varnish. This procedure is carried out, starting from the lower strands and gradually approaching the hair on the vertex.

После того, как вы накрутили все волосы, встряхните головой, чтобы придать волосам максимально естественный вид. При необходимости, разберите волосы hands. Smile at your reflection and lightly sprinkle your hair with varnish.

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