How to make a professional tanning salon

How to make a professional tanning salon
Was it summer without sun? Did you fail to spend your holidays in hot countries? A tan, you want. Moreover, if the holidays are ahead or a particularly important event, on which you need to look stunning. A beautiful and even tan can be obtained with self-tanning.

You will need
  • – Scrub
  • – fat cream
  • – self-tanning
The surest way to get a professional tanning salon is to turn to a professional. In the salons and studios of sunburn there are both fully automated tanning booths and spray guns, with which the beautician evenly applies a remedy to your body. And if you decide to make a professional self-tanning yourself, then you need extreme accuracy and concentration, so as not to look like a leopard.

Choose a self-tan. Such cosmetics are better to buy in specialized professional stores, which sell funds for use in salons. They contain more natural and non-harmful ingredients. Ordinary shops can not boast of this quality of cosmetics.

If you have a light skin, do not take a tan in any way, even if you want a strong tan. The result of such an experiment you will not like: at best, your skin will turn orange. If your skin has a dark tint, then on the contrary, do not take a light tint – tanning does not react with your skin and tanning will not appear.

If you are new to the art of creating a dark skin color, get a self-tanner in the form of a spray. It is more difficult to get bright divorces on the skin with it, than with milk or cream.

Before applying an artificial tan it is recommended to take a shower and make a thorough peeling of the body with a scrub. All excess skin scales should be removed. Then autosunburn "will take" better.

Spread the palms and back of the hand with a thick cream. This is to ensure that the hands do not seem darker than the whole body. So, as we put the self-tanning with the palms, it turns out that they have the most contact with the remedy. Because of this, this effect is obtained.

Apply one layer of self-tanning on the entire body. For evenness, rub it lightly, circular movements to avoid the appearance of dark stripes. Do not rub the cream heavily into the skin. If you apply different strengths in different parts of the body – you can get different shades.

Dry the remedy. Do not wear anything at least the next 20 minutes, so as not to lubricate the tool and do not mess things up. If you have sunburned in the evening, then sleep better, too, without everything.

After about 7 hours (or in the morning, if "sunbathed" in the evening), the remedy from the body needs to be washed off. Do not use scrub wads if you do not want lightening the color.

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