How to make a professional pedicure at home

How to make a professional pedicure at home
What could be better than a pedicure complete with a warm foot bath and massage? Ideally, every woman should visit a nail salon at least once a week. However, for many of us, such trips will become rather expensive. But at home, you can do more for your legs than simple care. The following is an example of a pedicure that you can do yourself at home when you are not planning anything else, except to relax and retire to bed.

You will need
  • For the foot bath: 1. Reservoir or bath. 2. Brush for nails. 3. Scrub for feet or detergent. 4. Pumice or a grinding file for feet. 5. a couple of basts and a towel. 6. Composition of the foot bath: 3-5 sprigs of lavender (or 2 tbsp of dried lavender); 3 stem fresh mint (or 1 st.l. dry mint or 2-3 sachet mint); 5-6 drops of lavender oil. Lavender soothes and relaxes. Mint rejuvenates tired feet and has a good effect on blood circulation. For a pedicure: – a liquid for removal of a varnish; – scissors; – Nail file; – an orange stick; – cotton swabs; – Correctors between the fingers; – Foot cream or hand cream; – Moisturizing napkins; – vitamin E, olive or vegetable oil.
Удалите лак с ногтей. данную процедуру проведите как можно аккуратнее. Постарайтесь не повредить сам ноготь.

Boil 1,5 liters of water, fill it with flowers in a large bowl and leave them for 15 minutes. At this time, boil the water in such a volume to cover her ankles feet.

Strain the mixture, then pour it into the foot bath. Add essential oils and mix well. If you use a special foot bath, read the manufacturer's instructions in advance to find out if the bath ingredients are safe to use.

Add enough water and soak for 15 minutes. In order to achieve the effect as in the spa, put on the bottom smooth stones such as those used for massage with hot stones or decorating mini fountains.

Using a brush for cleaning nails, clean under your fingernails and gently apply a foot scrub or detergent. This will help to loosen the dead skin.

Take your feet out of the bath and with a pumice stone or a grinding foot file, do circular movements on the feet and heels. With this procedure, you smooth out the smears and rough areas of the skin.

Carefully move the cuticles with orange sticks. Repeat this procedure with the other leg.

Wash both feet. You may want to wash your feet in another container or with a soft damp rags.

Протрите ноги полотенцем обязательно сухим, в том числе и между пальцами.

Cut your nails without bumping into corners. It is better that the nails grow in the corners. This will prevent the appearance of ingrown nails. If you cut nails very close to the corner, then the nail can grow in the leg.

Gently file them with nail file.

Rub the cream and massage the feet for 15 minutes.

After the massage, cover your feet with a warm towel and relax for 15-20 minutes.

Удалите излишки крема влажными салфетками.

With the help of cotton balls or correctors, separate the toes.

Apply the base coat to the nails and let it dry.

Apply one coat of nail polish and let it dry.

As soon as the second layer dries, apply a topcoat.

Just before going to bed your nails will dry up. Apply oil with vitamin E (you can also use olive oil, in extreme cases, vegetable). Put your socks on your feet and you will wake up in the morning with gorgeous, soft and happy feet.

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