How to make a professional manicure

How to make a professional manicure
Today there is not always the time and opportunity to visit the beauty salon. However, you should not be upset about this, because to make for yourself a delightful professional manicure you can and at home. To do this you will need cotton swabs, nail polish remover, good quality varnish, regular and emery nail files, manicureScissors and scissors for cuticle cutting.

Thoroughly wash your fingers in warm water and soap. Apply a little liquid to remove the varnish on a cotton swab and tightly attach it to the nail for a while to soften the varnish. Gently wipe the nail and remove the lacquer with nails, so that they again acquired their original color.

If you need to shorten or give nails a certain shape, then do it with manicurescissors. To align the tips nails and make them smooth, you will need a regular and emery nail files. It is necessary to cut the fillet at such an angle that the bulk of the nail file falls on the inside of the nail until the surface of the nails becomes even and smooth.

Retraction or cuticle removal делает ногти здоровыми и благоприятно воздействует на их рост. Кутикулу сначала следует размягчить в ванночке с тёплой водой с добавлением нескольких капель масла или смягчающего средства, а затем отодвинуть её назад, ближе к основанию ногтя.

При регулярном использовании лака, ногтям необходимо давать подышать несколько дней. Можно нанести специальное питательное масло for nails and cuticles – this will help maintain their healthy appearance for a long time.

When choosing a varnish color, do not forget that it can be on your nails продолжительное время. Подумать над тем, к какой одежде он подойдет, и как будет смотреться on the nails at each change of the situation. Nail polish should have its own brush. Before applying, you should check that the brush does not accumulate excess, and then apply it with continuous strips from the base of the nail to the edge. Do this evenly so that there are no lumps. Apply the second layer ten minutes after the application of the first layer.

After the nails dry, apply a special cream to nourish the nails and cuticles and lightly massage the fingertips. This is especially necessary for dry hands. Believe me, the result will not leave anyone indifferent.

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