How to make a plaque on one side

How to make a plaque on one side
Spit on the side is the most common hairstyle now for young girls with long and medium length hair. Firstly, it looks very beautiful, stylish and unusual, and secondly, there are various variations of its weaving, and every day you can look absolutely differently, and, thirdly, the hairdo takes quite a bit of time, and it can be completely done independently at home.

You will need
  • Расческа, несколько невидимок, мусс для объема, лак для волос, и резинка.
Recently, the "fish spit" has become very popular. Actually do ее несложно, но зато всем будет казаться, что вы только что вышли из salon beauty. Dry your head with a hair dryer with a little mousse для объема, чтобы придать hair extra splendor. So the hair will look natural and at ease. Make a small root volume comb.

Toss all hair on one side and divide them into two identical parts (1-i and 2-th part). And start weaving. Take the thin strand from the 1 part from the outer edge volos and drop it into the 2 main part. With the 2 part of the hair, do the same thing, throwing a small strand of hair from the outer edge to the 1 part. Do this in the same way until you braid all scythe до конца. Следите за очередностью, чтобы не запутаться. В результате, у вас должна получиться коса, похожая на рыбий хвост. Закрепите кончик хвоста резинкой.

Now push it neatly hands braided fragments (parts) of the braid, so that it looks natural, and fasten all hairstyle varnish. So the braid will not be long untangled.

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