How to make a perfect complexion

How to make a perfect complexion
Leather face not everyone is perfect. Some women need to work hard to make the skin face more healthy. Beauty requires sacrifice, so girls actively use various cosmetic products, scientific achievements, folk remedies and, of course, decorative cosmetics. How to do it color face ideal?

Earthy color face the problem of many girls. The first cause of the appearance of grayish unhealthy colorа это курение и малоактивный образ жизни, недостаток кислорода. Поэтому если вы хотите измениться к лучшему, необходимо больше гулять, ходить пешком и конечно, отказаться от никотина. Ко всему прочему нужно больше отдыхать, организовать спокойный, полноценный сон.

Существуют специальные процедуры, которые улучшают color face. Наиболее популярная из них – криотерапия, т. е лечение холодом. Суть этой процедуры заключается в том, что woman Under the skin, the homeopathic preparation is administered in a cooled form. This causes the cells be updated much faster, the skin acquires a more healthy appearance. Along with cryotherapy, you can use ice-washing. Every morning massage the skin with a small piece of ice or immerse your face for a few seconds in a container of iced water. This method is actively used by nightclub dancers, who simply need to look good, but because of lack of sleep, this is not always possible.

If your color face Far from the ideal, always use creams and lotions. Cosmetics should be selected carefully, of course, it is better to give preference to the most natural remedies. Also, use self-made masks. Take a little aloe juice and mix with the egg yolk, mix and apply on face, wait until it dries and rinse with warm water. Also very effective are carrot-based masks. Mix the grated carrots with egg white, add a little starch, mix well, apply on face for 20 minutes, then rinse with comfortable temperature water.

If you are used to not denying yourself anything, then massage face, SPA-процедуры и иглоукалывание для вас. Еще очень популярная маска для улучшения colorа face among the well-to-do population is a mask of black caviar. It is effective enough, the skin after such a mask not only acquires the ideal color, but small wrinkles are smoothed out.

And of course, use decorative cosmetics. The tonal cream will help you hide flaws and give your skin a healthier look.

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