How to make a pedicure with crystals

How to make a pedicure with crystals
If you want to attract maximum attention to the legs, make a spectacular pedicure and decorate it with rhinestones. You can fasten single stones or completely cover the nails with a sparkling pattern. This pedicure is especially good with evening dresses, but you can wear it with bright beach clothes and open sandals.

We do the right pedicure

Rhinestones make your feet very noticeable, so the pedicure should be perfect. You can choose a classic edged, European or combined version. The latter is especially convenient in home conditions.

Pour warm water into the basin and add macerating liquid to it with algae extract, nourishing milk or natural oils. Hold the feet in water for 5-7 minutes, and then apply on the feet a gel that cleans out the dead skin. Wait for 5 minutes and rinse off the remaining gel. With a special scraper, remove the coarsened skin and sand the feet with a sugar or salt scrub.

Use the tweezers and saw blade to give the desired shape to the nails. Try to keep the plates the same length. Apply a liquid based on fruit acids on the cuticle, and after 1 minute, slide it with a wooden stick. Excessively overgrown cuticle can be removed by cutting pliers.

Polish the surface of the nails with a special bar. Pay special attention to the nails of the thumbs. Note that the ribbed surface of the rhinestones will not hold properly. Then apply a protective base to the plates and let it dry.

Features of decor

Choose the right varnish. With transparent crystals, any shades are well combined, colored crystals require appropriate enamel. For example, blue rhinestones are especially beautiful in a duet with blue lacquer, and gently pink ones look very nice on white. Effectively looks and two-color version. A chain of sparkling crystals can be arranged along the border of the flowers, giving the pedicure complete.

Apply on the nails two layers of the selected enamel. Then proceed to attaching the rhinestones. This is convenient to do with tweezers. Sprinkle pebbles on a napkin, tweezers with flat tips, take one piece and fasten them to the selected place. Extremely high lacquer retains crystals. For greater reliability, lightly press down with a wooden stick or the back of the tweezers.

On small nails it is enough to attach one small pebble. The thumb nail can be decorated more noticeably. Make a strip of crystals, strengthening them parallel to the cuticle or diagonally.

Very effective option – a nail, completely covered with rhinestones. Start to strengthen the crystals, placing them along the cuticle line. Then place the chains parallel to the side rollers, and finally fill the central part of the plate. You can use one color or lay out a pattern of pebbles of different shades.

In conclusion, cover the pedicure with a thick layer of glossy top. Ideally, if it is the top with the effect of drying. He immediately fixes the pedicure and reliably fixes the rhinestones. Remove them you can with the usual liquid for removing varnish.

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