How to make a mustache

How to make a mustache
The mustache adorned the men at all times, and different forms of mustaches were recognized in different cultures. Today, mustaches are often not only the adornment of men, but also a means of transforming the appearance. Using the correct shape of the mustache, a man can correct the shape of the face and hide the disadvantages of proportions.

Before choosing the shape of the mustache, you need to think carefully how this form будет сочетаться с чертами лица men and the shape of his nose, as well as the distances between nose, mouth and chin.

Despite the fact that any a haircut mustache requires a strictly individual approach, there are several common points that are characteristic for all types of individuals and all types of whiskers. In particular, sharp tips whiskers are classified as acute razor, and the excessive splendor is removed by thinning scissors, which processes the bottom edge of the mustache.

To make the whiskers too long, comb them in the opposite direction – from the edges to the center, and then cut off the excess ends.

Often, masters use tongs to create a mustache shape. Use only flat, high quality power tongs with stable heating. Mustache must be prepared for registration and aligned with scissors. Comb the mustache to the left and to the right of the center.

After thinking about the shape and appearance of future whiskers, grasp the middle section with warm tongs, not too hot, pull them away from the skin and shape. Release the processed edge of the mustache and tear the next one. At a time, take a small strand of mustache with tongs. Give the whiskers shape in the direction from the middle to the sides.

If the whiskers need to be tucked up, the forceps slightly turn so as to wind the strand volos in the direction of growth upward.

After finishing the heat treatment, comb the mustache with a brush and cut off excess hair scissors.

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