How to make a mustache

How to make a mustache
Raise mustache or not raise mustache – this question is often asked by young people when they are too lazy to shave. And some really lucky – because they are the owners of the densest vegetation above the upper lip, so for them, grow beautiful mustache no problem. But even in the event that with the growth of hair you have no problems, do the right mustache – the whole art.

You will need
  • Trimmer
  • Scissors
  • Mirror
To make mustache, first stop shaving hair in the region of the nose and upper lip. And do not listen to those who say that the more often you shave your hair, the denser they grow – this is not always the case.

Let hair grows, where they grow up. But do not forget to intensively shave the skin on the border of growth volos. Волосы над lip earlier break through at the corners of the mouth, and then grow over the lip completely. As mustache становятся толще и заметней, можете начинать их подстригать.

Select your type of mustache. If you have small person, prefer thin neat antennae. If the face is larger – mustache должны быть пропорциональных размеров или привлекающих внимание форм.

Direct the correct Hair Growth daily. Cut and comb mustache as they grow and become thicker.
How to make a <strong> mustache </ strong>

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