How to make a modeling body massage

How to make a modeling body massage
Modeling massage is a method of correcting the silhouette of the body with the help of manual plastics. In addition to correcting the contours of the body, this type of massage helps to reduce weight and return the skin to elasticity. Manual body plastic helps to improve the blood supply of body tissues, activates the process of metabolism. Like other types of massage, it helps to remove toxins, slags and excess moisture from the body.

What is modeling massage?

Modeling massage consists of stages of kneading of varying degrees of intensity from stroking and rubbing to kneading. The essence of massage is to stimulate elastin and collagen – the proteins of youth. Since under the influence of manual plastic fat deposits recede faster than cellulite, the following procedures after the modeling massage, it is optimal to choose anti-cellulite.

Modeling massage techniques

One of the most popular is the technique of the Russian specialist T. Orakmae, who combined the techniques of classical massage with lymphatic drainage and respiratory gymnastics.

From America and Canada came the liposage technique developed by the American Charles Wiltsi. The scope of this technique is subcutaneous fat. Basic techniques: vibration and "tearing off" the fabric. Since the emphasis is on deep mechanical action, the procedure itself is quite tough and painful.

The most, perhaps, the most enjoyable of all – the IPA massage or honey massage is considered by the motherland to be Tibet, where it originated as a variety of one of the most famous Tibetan massage techniques of Ku Nye. The modeling effect is enhanced by the action of vitamins, trace elements and biologically active substances found in honey. Manual plastic in combination with these beneficial substances has a fruitful effect on the body. Thanks to this, the thighs and buttocks after a series of procedures acquire a healthy appearance and desired forms.

Wide popularity is enjoyed by A. Grebennikov's sculpting massage due to the absence of painful sensations. The emphasis is on selective impact on certain areas. The degree of impact depends on the purpose. With the systematic implementation of this procedure, there are noticeable improvements in the shape of the body.

The most popular technique at the moment is considered to be a fitness massage. This is a combination of massage and exercise. In addition to the benefits of massage for the condition of the skin and its internal processes, the burning of fat reserves is added due to physical exertion.

Of course, you can not call a modeling massage panacea in the struggle for an ideal figure, but use it is obvious and incontrovertible.

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