How to make a massage

How to make a massage
Learn how to make a professional massage alone is not so simple. Of course, in this case it is better to find a good specialist, so that he taught you a couple of lessons. But first you need to understand the theoretical side of this issue.

Today there are a lot of massage schools. They differ in both theory and practice of performing receptions. But for self-massage at home, choose the easiest and most understandable option for you.

All the techniques should be performed along the lymphatic pathways, going to the nearest lymph nodes. Massage your hands, starting with the brush and reaching the elbow joint. Further move to the axillary basin. Massage the feet from the foot to the knee, and then head towards the groin area.

The pelvis, lumbar and sacral areas are massaged to the inguinal nodes. Boka – to the armpits, back – from the sacrum to the neck. Thoracic cell mass from sternum to the sides, to the armpits. Slanting abdominal muscles – from below upwards. And the direct opposite. Massage the neck from the hair down to the subclavian glands. Do not massage the lymph nodes.

Начинайте массаж с больших участков тела. Это ускоряет общее кровообращение и лифмообращение. Такая методика благоприятно влияет на отток крови и лимфы с нижележащих участков туловища.

При выполнении массажа соблюдайте определенный темп и ритм. Учитывайте состояние тонуса каждой мышцы. От этого зависит продолжительность воздействия и усилие приложения. Приемы выполняйте ниже порога болевого ощущения. Не делайте пауз между массажными приемами. Заканчивая один, сразу переходите к следующему.

The main methods of massage are stroking, kneading, grinding, squeezing, movement and vibration. The first of these is the most common. It affects only the skin, because it is light and shallow. Perform it with the palm surface. Brush the utmost relax. At the same time, close four fingers, and take the big one to the limit.

Do stroking rhythmically, calmly, freely and easily, sliding your hands along the body. This method is appropriate at the beginning of the procedure. It helps to establish contact with the massed. Still it is used after hard receptions, and also in the end, which has a calming effect.

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