How to make a mask with a badge

How to make a mask with a badge
Folk remedies for skin care are still relevant. Today, women actively apply recipes masks with badyagi, invented in the middle of the nineteenth century by Russian beauties.

You will need
  • – powder of fresh water;
  • – boric acid 5%;
  • freshly squeezed cucumber juice;
  • – Any vegetable oil;
  • – a decoction of chamomile;
  • – decoction of calendula;
  • – baby powder without fragrances.
As you know, in Russia have long been in vogue ruddy girls. To eliminate pallor, the peasant women used a powder of freshwater algae of the family Badakhov. Consisting of the smallest particles of silicon, it irritated the skin, causing a slight redness.

The concept of "messing around" came to the present day. Its meaning remained about the same – it means "dilute", "dilute". Also the word "bodiaga" was associated with the effect of masks from dried algae, which, as it were, "bodied" the skin.

A mask for a face with a badge is shown to both young and mature women. In adolescence, it will clear the skin from acne, smooth the scars and post acne, help dissolve sebaceous plugs and get rid of black spots. In addition, the squirt reduces the pores and returns a healthy color to the face. After 40 years, the sponge will accelerate the regeneration of epidermal cells, providing the most rejuvenating effect there.

Apply masks with badyagi should be very carefully, testing the composition on a small area of ??the skin. A direct contraindication to their use is couperose, open wounds on the face and fresh pink pimples.

The simplest face mask with a squirrel is prepared from a sponge powder and an 5% solution of boric acid. The solution is added drop by drop to the badyag until a mass resembling thick sour cream is obtained. The homogeneous mixture is heated in a water bath to room temperature, and then distributed over the face with a cotton swab, paying special attention to the T-zone. Leave for 15 minutes and rinse off with cool water. The procedure is performed only after the elbow bend test.

Also recipes masks with badyagi are supplemented with cucumber juice, vegetable oils, decoction of medicinal herbs. This provides not only an update of skin cells, but also a soothing effect. It should be remembered that a mask of badyagi can not be kept longer than 20 minutes and strongly rub into the skin.

How to apply masks with a badge so as not to damage the eyes and eyelid skin? It is necessary to cover these areas with cotton-wool discs soaked in herbal infusion.

After the procedure, it is not recommended to go out into the open sun or expose the skin to wind and frost. Also, during 24 hours after the session, you can not use creams and make-up. To reduce redness, it is necessary to powder the face with talcum powder without fragrance (for example, childish), and do not touch it with your hands.

Masks from badyagi make a course, but not more often 2-x times in 10 days. After 5-ti sessions, it is worth to assess the skin condition and, if required, to conduct another 5 procedures.

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