How to make a manicure: two original ways

How to make a manicure: two original ways
Only a true lady has beautiful and well-groomed nails. After all, they are one of the many criteria of beauty.


Gradient manicure

This kind of manicure is ideal for both long and short nails.

  1. Prepare your nails for applying gel-varnish. Treat the cuticle, the skin around the nail and shape using a nail file. It is important that the nails are not damp and greasy. To do this, degrease them with a special liquid. Be sure to remove the dust from under the nails with a pusher with a sharp tip. Grinding the remaining dust with the movements from the bottom up. Now it will not go up when applying gel-varnish.
  2. Apply a non-primer primer to better bond the gel-nail polish with the nail plate, then – the base coat. Nails can be dried one at a time to obtain a more stable coating.
  3. Apply the base color. Dry in a lamp 2-3 minutes, depending on the manufacturer's recommendations.
  4. The second color is applied to the sponge with a thin layer and carefully make the feathering. Dry it. Do the feathering in a few approaches, about 2-3, to achieve a better smooth transition effect.
  5. Apply the fixing agent.
  6. Remove the adhesive layer with a special tool and apply oil to the cuticle. Done!

Nail design veil / tights

This manicure can be absolutely anything: gentle as a lace or resemble sharp fragments of glass. This design looks best in black and white colors. Choose to your taste!

  1. Prepare your nails for applying gel-varnish. For non-fat nails, apply primer and base color, dry. Tip: Apply nail design with gel-varnishes. This will make it easier for you to draw details from the cuticle and the side parts. Also, you will not be afraid that the varnish will flow and ruin the pattern. And the design does not have to draw several times. If you are a beginner and the hand is not yet stuffed, I advise you to start with drawing the outline of the cuticle.
  2. We start drawing from the middle of the nail. Finger a little pulling the cuticle up, set the brush perpendicular to the nail and pulling a smooth line. In the same way in the other direction. On the cyst should be a moderate amount of gel-paint, so that the line was saturated and without gaps.
  3. Draw a line on the tip, it is something like a smile on a French jacket. If you are not sure that you will be able to do everything accurately, dry out what has already been drawn. So nothing will be erased, even if you unintentionally touch the drawing. The brush should be kept at an angle, almost parallel to the nail. The inclination angle should be reduced as you approach the side rollers. Hold the side rollers to avoid covering them. Thus, from the middle we pull the "antennae" to the sides.
  4. We finish the stroke, connecting the lines of the jacket and the "antennae" at the cuticle, while holding the side rollers. It is desirable that the lines from all sides are as much as possible of the same thickness and visually do not warp the shape of the nail.
  5. Mark the markings with gel-paint using dots. And when you are sure that the dots are in their place, point the farther. Tip: Use different dots to create a more diverse and interesting design.
  6. And the finishing touch is toning the nail. To do this, we mix the top for gel lacquer and the gel-lacquer itself of the color you need. If the pattern was black, take black for mixing too. So, on the palette or foil, mix a few drops of top with gel-varnish until the desired shade is obtained. After covering this mixture with each nail in the veil / pantyhose design. Done!


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