How to make a manicure ombre

How to make a manicure ombre
With a one-color varnish on the nails, no one is going to surprise anyone today. Masters manicureand do not stop coming up with new techniques. One such is an ombre – it is a multi-ton manicure, which is characterized by a smooth or abrupt transition from one tone to another, and the number of such transitions can vary from two or more. To create it, do not necessarily record in the salon, manicure ombre can be done at home.

Such a different manicure ombre

There are two varieties of manicure Ombre. The first involves changing the colors of the varnish from the edge of the nail to its tip. This can be a transition from a dark shade to a light one, or a game of contrasts – the transition from one color to the very opposite. For example, in the first variant – from red to dark bard, and in the second – from the yellow to the saturated color of the sea wave.

The second technique of manicure ombre is very simple and represents a transition of shades from one nail to another. It can be both contrasting colors, and similar shades of the same color. In any case, your nails will not be left without attention. Color gradient looks great on nails any length, including, and on very short.

How to make ombre on nails

To create a trendy manicure in Home conditions, запаситесь яркими лаками как минимум двух тонов одного градиента, чтобы переход получился чуть уловимым. Чем он мягче, тем гармоничнее и моднее будут смотреться ваши ногти! Можно взять розовый и оранжевый тона или зеленый и желтый. Также понадобится спонжик, либо аппликатор для теней. Второй вариант более удобен при использовании. Если нет ни того, ни другого, можно взять самую обыкновенную губку для мытья посуды. Только от нее придется отрезать небольшой кусок для удобства нанесения лака.

To begin with, apply to the area around the nails any fat cream, so that you can easily remove the varnish, which will inevitably fall on the okolonogtevuyu zone. Cover the nails with a transparent base. After it has dried, apply that varnish, which is selected as the primary color.

Dampen the sponge with water so that it is not so stiff. Apply a brush of base lacquer on it and a strip of another color next to it. Slightly shade the border of the two colors to get a harmonious color transition.

Now the fun begins! Careful movements make prints of nail polish from the sponge on the nails. And the sponge can be placed both along, and across the nail plate. Here everything depends on your preferences. After each such die, immediately cover the nails with a clear varnish. It is important! Otherwise, the manicure does not work smoothly, but will be tubercles.

It remains to moisten the cotton swab in the liquid to remove the varnish and remove the excess lacquer from the skin around the nail. For these purposes, you can use a special corrector. Fashion manicure ombre is ready! It can always be supplemented with rhinestones or shines.

This technique is good because you can safely make experiments with the color gamut. In addition, the sponge varnish can be applied not only by strips, but also by rhombuses, zigzags, triangles, and then you each time will get new incredible shapes and combinations. Believe me, the ombre technique will never bore you. In each of us the creative vein flows, and the creation of such a manicure will be an excellent opportunity to stir your imagination and, of course, decorate your nails with an exclusive manicure!

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