How to make a manicure in 2018 year

How to make a manicure in 2018 year
Manicure – this is quite an important procedure. It makes the majority of women. It gives the image a completeness, and the pens make it more attractive. In addition, manicure is also necessary for hygiene purposes.

You will need
  • a nail file, a base for a varnish, a varnish, a fixer.
Первым шагом необходимо select suitable files. If you have healthy and крепкими nails, then you can purchase tool сапфирового или песочного видов. Если крепкими ноготками вы похвастаться не можете, то предпочтение лучше отдать мелкозернистой пилке. Ее форма должна быть полукруглая с буферной зоной. Такая пилочка прекрасно отшлифует nail, and also does not damage its structure.

Now we pass directly to the sawing nails. This procedure should be carried out only on dry nail plates. Otherwise, they can begin to separate. Movement with a saw blade should occur only in one direction. It is better if it is from the tip of the nail to his hole. The shape of the nail plate should be selected depending on its condition and the shape of the fingers.

The next step is to remove cuticle. В идеале эта процедура производится необрезным способом. На кутикулу нужно просто нанести специальную жидкость. Под действием этой жидкости кожица вокруг ногтя станет мягкой. Также она будет значительно медленней расти. Затем при помощи палочки из резины нужно сдвинуть кутикулу назад.

The last action is the application of lacquer. To color was deep and even, it is necessary to apply a varnish-base. On the base should be applied the main varnish in three clear confident strokes. The first smear is done in the middle, and the second two – On the sides. The second layer is applied in the same way. The color of the varnish is selected depending on the shade of the skin, as well as the shape of the nails. If the skin has a yellowish tinge, warm tones are best. If nails long и имеют миндалевидную форму, им подойдут любые интенсивные оттенки.

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