How to Make a Manicure

How to Make a Manicure
Accurate nails characterize a man as a person who follows his image, taking care of the impression that he produces on others. Make manicure a man can in a salon, a specialist, or at home, armed with the necessary tools.

You will need
  • – Manicure scissors with sharp tips or special tweezers;
  • – Nail file for processing the edge of the nail;
  • – A wooden stick for the cuticle.
Trim the nails. Armament manicurescissors and cut the nails exactly in the shape of the finger pads. If the nails are strong, then cut them small кусачками. Cut your nails before you break hands – if you do this after the bath, then there is a danger of damaging the structure nails, which will begin to separate. If the nails only recently began to grow, then simply pencil their edges, leveling the shape.

Начинайте подпиливать ногти с края и двигайтесь к центру. Не давите на пилочку, лучше сделайте несколько лишних взмахов. Линия ногтя должна быть округлой. Не забудьте обрезать кончики, которые могут цепляться за одежду.

Undress your hands. Prepare a tub with warm water – dissolve in it a pinch of salt, add a drop of liquid soap. Put your hands in a container and rasp the skin. After a few minutes, finish the procedure and wipe your hands dry.

Treat the cuticle. With a wooden stick, push the peel off the surface of the nail, lifting it slightly. Using sharp scissors or tweezers cut the cuticle, acting slowly and carefully to avoid cuts. If you get hurt, then cut the cut with iodine.

To give the nails shine and make their surface even, rub them with a special polishing nail file.

Apply the coating. If you want to make your nails strong and strong, защитить их от химического и физического воздействия, то покройте их специальным средством. Бесцветные препараты на основе лака, содержащие специальные укрепляющие компоненты, будут незаметно и надежно покрывать ногти.

Choose a quickly absorbed nourishing cream with a neutral odor that will protect your hands from dryness and external influences. Do a hand massage that will relieve tension.

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