How to make a make-up "sea breeze"

How to make a make-up "sea breeze"
In the summer hot days, reminders of spring are especially pleasing. But the main theme is golden sand, the resort mood, the water surface of a unique color. Makeup "Sea Breeze" will help create the right mood.

You will need
  • Палитра BEAUTY MAKEUP из 78 оттенков теней и румян.
  • Givenchy Phenomen 'Eyes Waterproof #3 Croisere Lagoon mascara.
  • База под тени “Prime and fine” от Catrice.
  • Румяна в шариках Голоден Роуз номер 02.
  • Блеск для губ Oriflame The One Power Shine.
Начните создание макияжа после предварительной подготовки лица. Сначала нужно нанести базу под тени. Ее наносят на верхние веки, немного – на нижние. Наносите тени обычным аппликатором, но под глаза их наносят его боковой, а лучше – заостренной частью.

Now apply light shadows, color – golden, select from the top row. Apply the layer evenly, covering the entire eyelid under the eyebrows. Below to the eyelashes it is necessary to put a dark shade of a sea wave from a palette, to put an applicator, its lateral side, spending along a line of growth of eyelashes. On top to put a light shade of shadows "Sea wave". Apply a few shadows under the eyes, closer to the line of growth of the eyelashes, quite a bit, near the bridge of the nose and on the pointed part.

Use mascara for eyelashes. Do not forget to dye your eyelashes at the corners of your eyes. Paint the lower cilia, but carefully. Since there should be shadows below, the spots under them will not be visible, but it's better to make makeup gently.

Apply blush. Remember – they cover the area near the cheekbones.

Нанесите блеск для губ. Он обладает перламутровым оттенком, его надо наносить аккуратно. Все, макияж готов, не нужно использовать косметику в излишестве.

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