How to make a make-up "cat's eye"

How to make a make-up "cat's eye"
Since ancient times, to attract attention to their appearance, women have been using cosmetics, creating more expressive eyes and emphasizing sensual lips. The most popular make-up, emphasizing the beauty of the female face, is the "cat's eye". He attaches eyesm playful and seductive look.

Such makeup suitable for any type of face and easy to use. To create this type of make-up, it is desirable to use dark shadows (brown, Gray, the black), but if desired color can be replaced by others. Light colors are necessary to emphasize the inner corner of the upper eyelid. In order to create an image of a seductress, you need to follow a few simple tips.

The first step to creating a fascinating look is applying the shadows, both on the upper and lower eyelid. For this, carefully along the line eyelashes shade the applicator with the shade of the desired shade. Stressing the upper eyelid in this way, select the small part of the lower eyelid with the same color. If desired, the inner corner of the eyes can be distinguished by a lighter shade of shadows.

The second stage of your transformation will be the selection of the eye contour and the drawing of "shooter"With a pencil or, as experts recommend, with liquid liner. The eyelash line on the upper eyelid should be drawn as clearly as possible. If you perform this procedure with a pencil, it is best to soften the tip before use. So you will achieve the desired effect. Further from the outside eyes необходимо нарисовать стрелку. Можно это делать on special stencils. "Arrow" can be very diverse, it all depends on the imagination and desire most women.

The final stage in the creation make-up "Cat's eye" is the application of mascara to the eyelashes. Apply mascara of black color; it can be twisting or giving volume – it's up to you. It is recommended to paint the cilia in several layers, then separate them with a special brush. Mascara gives our make-up a more expressive look and creates a complete image.

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