How to make a lump of hair

How to make a lump of hair
Even very beautiful long hair sometimes has to be removed. The simplest variants of hairstyles are a bundle and a bump. You can do both in a few minutes. By the way, now the style of the 60-ies of the last century, when all kinds of tails and cones were especially popular, has become fashionable again.

You will need
  • – a rubber band;
  • – comb;
  • – studs;
  • – hair net:
  • – A beautiful hairpin or comb.
To make a bump, you first need to collect the hair in a bun. If you have beautiful ears and you wear spectacular earrings, it's best to do шишечку on the vertex. Such hairstyles are very fond of gymnasts, and this is not accidental. Hair does not crumble, even with very sharp movements, the hair always remains firm and beautiful. Well comb your hair, comb it up and pull it down on the top with an elastic band. In the 60-ies, women of fashion used conventional gumsticks, but now you can easily pick up and gum в мягкой «оболочке». Она гораздо полезнее для волос, нежели аптечная.

Your further actions depend on the quality of the hair. If they are long and thick, they are better to braid in a braid. Twist the braid around the rubber bands, in several places of the barbs with its studs. Not very thick hair can not be braided. The tail is wound in the same way around the elastic and is pinched by studs. If you have a lot to move, you can fix your hair with a varnish or a mesh. The grid is also an excellent decorative element. If it is beautiful and goes to the hair and your side, you do not need flowers, no combs, no hairpins.

A cone on the vertex can be done in another way. It is especially good if the hair is long enough, but not very thick. Make a tail, bend it in half and place the edge under the rubber band. Put the net on the lump. Hairpins in this case are not needed, the hairdo and without them will hold very well.

If you want to close your ears for some reason, you will go more cone on the back of the head. Comb your hair with a straight parting, then cover your ears, pull it on the back of the head, as described in the first case. Bite the scythe or leave the tail, and then twist around the gum, pins studs. This hairstyle can be decorated with a decorative comb. It can be behind, above cone, or from the side. A flower and a beautiful hairpin will do.

An interesting hairstyle is obtained if you take only the front strands in the tail, and leave curls behind. Comb your hair, separate about half from the front and gather into the tail, and then into the bump. Rear strands of steep curls. Decorate a haircut you can диадемой или декоративным гребнем.

Modern fashion allows different variants of such hairstyles. The cone can be in virtually any part of the head – closer to the temple or above the ear. Hair comb without parting, make a bundle at the desired point, and then the bump exactly as described. The hairstyle turns out to be frivolous and even somewhat hooligan, so that all the other elements of your outfit must match the chosen style. A short skirt, colorful socks, a scarf with pompons quite correspond to this image.

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