How to Make a Lotion for Sensitive Skin

How to Make a Lotion for Sensitive Skin
Sensitive skin requires careful, but at the same time, accurate and gentle care. On any harmless component for a normal or oily skin component of a cosmetic product, it can react with a rash, scaling or subcutaneous pimples.

You will need
  • -mute pepper in filter bags;
  • -настойка календулы;
  • -alcohol;
  • – essential oil of tea tree;
  • -цветки ромашки аптечной.
Soap, gels and facial cleansers are too aggressive cleaners for sensitive skin. They disrupt the natural ph-balance of the skin, causing redness and a feeling of tightness. Therefore, the best way to cleanse such a skin will be a delicate lotion, which can be prepared in Home conditions. This tool is multifunctional – it perfectly tones up the skin, removes it from the remnants of makeup and sebaceous plugs, forming "black dots". However, we must carefully consider the selection of the base component – for example, a surplus of alcohol can provoke redness of the skin and even burns.

Мята – хороший ингредиент для лосьона, помогающего в экстренных случаях. Она снимет покраснения и быстро избавит от чувства жжения, которое может быть вызвано новым продуктом по уходу или избытком макияжа. Заварите пару пакетиков мятного чая 100 мл. кипящей воды, добавьте несколько капель настойки календулы. Лосьон можно хранить в холодильнике, он эффективен на протяжении первых 5-6 дней после приготовления. В летний зной перелейте его во флакончик с распылителем – пару пшиков помогут вам освежиться с пользой для лица в любой момент. Для увеличения сроков хранения можете добавить 2 ч.л. спирта.

If you are concerned about pimples and acne, but you are afraid of using antibacterial products from the range of cosmetics industry because of the many harmful components, each of which your skin can react in the most unexpected way – prepare a hand-made lotion based on essential oil of tea tree and chamomile flowers . 2 tsp chamomile pharmacy brew a glass of hot water and let it brew 6-10 minutes. Drip 10 into the water with a drop of oil and pour the resulting composition into a storage container. This ether is the best natural antiseptic, which promotes rapid renewal of skin cells, narrowing of expanded pores and healing of inflammation.

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