How to make a light brown hair color at home

How to make a light brown hair color at home
Often, women have a desire to change anything in their appearance. A quick and inexpensive way to create a new appearance is to change the color of your hair. A popular and desirable shade is light brown, which can be made at home.

Blond hair with a hint of dark-brown can be clarified to the desired extent with the help of folk remedies. For example, add to the shampoo or conditioner a tablespoon of chamomile or lemon juice and wash your hair with regular intervals until you achieve the desired result. Quickly and effectively lighten your hair with sun rays and lemon juice. Mix the juice from three lemons and a small amount of water in the ratio of 3 to 1. Apply the resulting mixture to the hair and hold it for a while in the open sun. So you can lighten the curls for a couple of tones for several procedures.

Owners light– brown hair, you can discolour curls once, then paint them with the paint of an ashy shade. Best suited light brown, ash-blond or simple ashy.

Если у вас слабые и ломкие волосы, не спешите получать русый оттенок через осветление. Сначала выполните обычное мелирование, после чего приступайте к окрашиванию выбранной краской. Данный метод является более щадящим, но результат получается довольно эффектным, поскольку на мелированных и темных локонах волосы будут осветляться по-разному. Вы получите интересный и насыщенный цвет волос, с красивыми переливами.

Hair, which had already been stained many times, is hardly possible to lighten up to a light tinge in domestic conditions. Go to the salon and go through the procedure for washing the previous hair coloring remover. After that, the specialist will repaint hair in light blond hair. Also with the help of mixing different shades you will get an unusual and interesting color.

Owners of a light-brown color prefer to rinse hair with a shade of shampoo in periods between stains. Also rinse hair after washing with chamomile decoction, which will help not only to strengthen hair and roots, but also to lighten them in a natural way.

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