How to make a jacket sequins

How to make a jacket sequins
A jacket with sparkles is one of the most popular and fashionable trends. This manicure looks very romantic, it is natural and does not spoil the appearance of the nails. Professionals make a jacket with sparkles in several stages, thanks to which the manicure turns out to be persistent, even and beautiful.

In order for the edge of the nail (smile) to be exactly dyed, you need to start creating a manicure with it. Process nails, кутикулы и околоногтевую кожу. Придайте ногтевой пластине необходимую форму. После этого нанесите белый acrylic on the edge of the nail, forming a smile. After this layer dries, color the rest of the nail with a pink varnish. If you want your nail to retain its natural color, just make a substrate of transparent gel without removing the sticky layer.

After the first layer of the manicure has dried, apply on it clear gel и подождите некоторое время, пока он тоже подсохнет. Липкий слой удалять не надо. Если вы делали первый слой transparent gel or varnish, then this step can be skipped.

The next step is to apply glitter on the nail. Beginners masters of manicure often encounter difficulties at this stage: the sequins are uneven, collected in lumps, or distributed where it is not necessary. In order to avoid this, some advise to pre-mix the sequins with acrylic in the ratio of 2 to 1. It is very convenient to use special palettes for this. Apply a gel-mixed gel to the nail, wait for it to dry and remove the excess with a sponge or a hard brush.

Other masters of manicure advise to apply dry glitter on a low layer of transparent gel. To do this, you can use a brush, an applicator to apply eye shadow to eyelids, a cotton swab or a pipe cut at an angle. Type a small amount of spangles gently pour them on the nail. If you do not want the sequins spread across the entire nail plate, apply a transparent gel on the area intended for them. The previous layer must be completely dry. After the gel is a little stiff, excess glitter can simply be blown off.

After the gel with sparkles dries, remove the sticky layer with a foam rubber sponge. Use a new sponge for every two to three nails. If it is contaminated, the surface nails will be matte.

It remains only to finish modeling the nail and apply a layer of gloss.

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