How to make a home mask for the rejuvenation of oily skin

How to make a home mask for the rejuvenation of oily skin
Oily withering skin can cause its owner a lot of trouble. It can not be intensively dried – the face will peel and hang even more. Too saturated nutrients also do not work, as they will increase the sebum secretion. Choose moisturizers with the effect of lifting – creams, tonics, as well as home masks.

Ingredients for homemade anti-aging masks

For oily skin, choose light foods that help tighten and moisturize the face, make it smoother, reduce pores and wrinkles. Whipped egg whites have a powerful lifting effect. For a beautiful complexion, the herbs respond. A slight exfoliating effect is possessed by acid fruits, berries and vegetables – apples, tomatoes, strawberries, cherries. Fresh yeast will help smooth wrinkles and add skin elasticity, and milk and sour milk products will effectively whiten the face and hide freckles and red spots.

Before applying the mask, thoroughly clean the skin. Take off the make-up, and then thoroughly wash with soft gel, exfoliating cream or cleansing oil. These products do not overdry the skin, but they remove excess fat from its surface well. It is very good to make masks after visiting a bath – on steamed skin they act particularly effectively. Another option is to apply the mixture on the face while taking a bath. Wet steam will make the procedure even more useful.

Маски можно накладывать не только на лицо, но и на шею и зону декольте.

Recipes of the best home masks

For refreshing and enhancing the elasticity of the skin, try to make a tomato mask. Flesh the fresh ripe tomato and chop the mixture with the curd. Apply the mixture to cleansed skin for 20 minutes. Wipe the remainder with a wet swab and wash with warm water, and then rinse your face with a cold one. If the skin appears to be tight, apply a little baby or moisturizer to it.

It is very useful to wash off the mask not with ordinary tap water, but with drinking mineral water – it acts much softer on the skin.

Effective masks based on whipped protein. Whisk the protein, and then gently mix it with a tablespoon of carrot, strawberry or cranberry juice. Apply the mixture on the skin for 15-20 minutes, and then rinse your face with cool water. This mask refreshes the face, reduces pores, makes the skin smooth and more dense.

Protein masks can be made from quail eggs – one egg is enough for a procedure for the face and neck.

An effective option for a fading fat skin is a mask from sauerkraut. Cut out a mask from the fabric or double layer of gauze with slits for the mouth and eyes. Dampen it in juice from sauerkraut, squeeze a little and put on your face. Eyes cover with tampons dipped in infusion of strong tea. After 20 minutes, remove the canvas and wash with cool water. This procedure returns to the person a healthy color, lightly whitens the skin and removes excess fat without causing irritation.

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