How to make a hardware pedicure

How to make a hardware pedicure
At present, to make yourself a good, professional pedicure is possible and at home. To do this, it is sufficient to use a special apparatus with attachments. Of course, you can take care of your feet in the old manner – with scissors, nail files, pumice stones and a bath. But if you get acquainted with the possibilities and benefits of this technical innovation, you will not want to go back to the old one, especially since it is not difficult to use it.

First, remove the old varnish from your nails and wash your feet. They should not be soared in order not to be clogged with abrasive material by damp skin. Therefore, after washing, dry your feet very well. To apply a usual cream or a lotion too it is not necessary.

Before starting the procedure, treat the foot with a special disinfectant that will prevent accidental infection when performing pedicurea.

On the skin of the foot and cuticle, apply a softener, which you can buy at a cosmetic store. It affects the dead horn cells, facilitating their subsequent removal.

Gently treat the skin with keratinized patches on the soles of the feet, around the nails and next to the peri-oral roller with the help of grinding tips of various sizes (diameter).

Подравняйте одной из самых маленьких насадок кутикулу, приподнимая ее специальной палочкой. Укоротите и подровняйте ногти, подпиливая их фрезами со средним и мелким абразивом. С помощью насадки-щеточки очистите ногти. Поверхность их отшлифуйте с помощью резиновой насадки для полировки ногтевой пластины.

If your feet have calluses or corns, treat them with a special small boron. Do not worry: you do not injure the living skin around them. On the boron drilled hole, apply a tincture of corns, which will dissolve the corn root.

Treat cracks on the heels. To do this, from their edges layer by layer remove keratinized skin. The thin layer of skin that is formed will quickly return to normal if you complete the treatment of cracks by applying a compress or massage with an ointment that contains panthenol, lanolin and some essential oils, for example, eucalyptus, rosemary, chamomile.

Cosmetologists also recommend using paraffin masks for the feet: apply paraffin in a thick layer on the feet, wrap them with cellophane and put on tight socks. You can replace the paraffin with a nutritious cream. After a quarter of an hour, remove the socks and cellophane.

Apply to the fleece nail polish remover to degrease the surface of the nail and improve the adhesion of the varnish to the nail plate. Then cover the nails with several layers of lacquer or some kind of medical base (in this case, the means for removing the varnish is not necessary).

Usually after hardware pedicureAnd the keratinized layer of the skin is formed more slowly, therefore often do this procedure is not necessary. It will be enough once every three weeks. If pedicure perform more often, the skin, which has the ability to restore, will quickly form a new keratinized layer.

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