How to make a hardware manicure

How to make a hardware manicure
To make the hardware manicure, it is not necessary to go to the beauty salon, it is enough to buy a professional or amateur typewriter for manicurea. But when choosing a typewriter, pay attention to the fact that some models are designed for processing only accrued nails.

Professional typewriters differ from the amateur speed of turnover attachments: любительские – 3-10 тысяч оборотов в минуту, профессиональные – 30-40 тысяч. В любительские машинки встроена ванночка и сушка для nails, also in the set – the standard number of nozzles and a stick for the cuticle.

You need to hold the typewriter like a normal pen when you write. It is not recommended to work the nozzle too tightly to the nail to be treated, the nozzle should be kept at an angle of 45 degrees, gradually moving it over the treated surface. If you have not yet fully mastered the processing skills – it is better to work at low speed. In the future, the speed can be increased. This is necessary, first of all, for your safety and purity process.

Hardware Rules manicureand domestic conditions: 1. If the nails are varnished, remove it with a nail polish remover (preferably without acetone).
2. With a special wooden (orange) stick, move the cuticle away.
3. Turn on the machine for medium (low) speed and remove the rough skin; also treat the skin around the nail.
4. That remove calluses, which come with machine.
5. Обработайте пилочкой край ногтя, придавая ему желаемую форму.
6. Возьмите насадку в виде шарика и удалите кутикулу.
7. Для полировки ногтя можете использовать насадку в виде мочалки.
8. Finishing doing hardware manicure, use a hand cream or oil, do hand massage.
9. Apply the lacquer for nailsand on top – the fixer and allow the nails to dry out.

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