How to make a hairstyle with braids

How to make a hairstyle with braids
Hairstyles made of braids are suitable not only for young girls. They are happy to wear quite adult girls. Depending on the general idea of ??the hairstyle, braids may look naive and touching or chic and feminine. They approach hippy dresses and elegant evening dresses. Having mastered a few hairstyles based on braid, you can experiment and invent your own options.

You will need
  • – comb;
  • – Invisibility;
  • – studs;
  • – rubber bands;
  • – Spray for styling;
  • – hair spray.
For dresses in a sporty style, an amusing styling of braids of different sizes is suitable. Separate the bulk of the hair, leaving two not too wide strands in the face. Separate the lock with a clip. The rest of the hair is combed to a shine and gently gather them in a high tail on the side, fastening it with a soft, narrow elastic band. From the remaining loose strands, twist two thin plaits. Pull them parallel through the forehead and connect with the tail, wrapping its base with the ends of braids. Pinch their invisible, and the tail itself plait into a thick braid.

Ideal for the office – a stiff bundle of braids. This hairstyle is done in 10 minutes and looks neat all day. And if you want to turn it into an evening one, just decorate the knot with decorative hairpins with rhinestones or pearls.

Comb your hair to shine by sprinkling it with a spray for styling. Collect the strands in the low tail at the neck and fasten with a thin band. Screw them into a scythe, tie it up with another rubber band. Take the braid from the middle and twist it in one direction. The upper part begins to fit in the form of a loop. Turn it to the left, lay it at the base, tied with an elastic band, and fasten it with studs. Similarly, form the right side of the beam. End the braid with a hairpin and pin it with a hairpin. Scrunch your hair with a shine for your hair.

For the evening, try on a Dutch duck braided around the head. Divide the hair into an oblique parting, treat them with a fixing spray. Take a small strand near the parting, divide it into three parts and begin to weave a thin braid. Through each weave add strands taken from it, taken from the bulk of the hair. "Dutch" can lie low and loose or to splash high, recalling a neat basket. After finishing the braid, tuck the ends of the hair and secure them with invisible ones. Treat the hair style with varnish of moderate fixation.

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