How to make a hairstyle with a bandage

How to make a hairstyle with a bandage
The hairstyle with the bandage in the Greek style looks very elegant and stylish. It perfectly suits as an option for every day and looks great in special occasions.

You will need
  • – bandage;
  • – comb;
  • – studs;
  • – hair spray;
  • – Ployka.
Well comb your hair. In front, you need to make a straight forehead with a forehead of length 3-4, see. Separate a part of the hair on the crown, lightly brush them from the bottom and comb the hair back – this will give the hair volume and splendor.

Wear a hair bandage. It should be located at a distance of about 3 cm from the hair growth line.

Separate a small strand of hair on the right side from above and twist it into a tourniquet towards the head. After that, wind a strand over the bandage and thread it inside, pulling the strand down. To the resulting strand, attach another small strand and again pull it down.

Repeat the procedure, gradually attaching the strands, until you reach the bottom. Do the same actions on the left side, first twisting the tourniquet and gradually wrapping the hair around the bandage.

After the hair on both sides will be twisted around the bandage, there will be loose strands. Collect the remaining hair and carefully hide it inside the hairstyle, lifting them from the bottom up – under the roller formed around the bandage.

Straighten the hair around the dressing by gently pulling all the strands from the bead so that the hair looks beautiful and neat. Select a few strands of forehead and around the face. This will give the hairstyle completeness. Strands can be curled on a curling rod or left straight.

Secure the result with the studs so that the hairstyle with the bandage will hold well. Since the hair wrapped around the bandage looks very bulky, the hairpins will not be visible. Then fix the hairstyle with hairspray by spraying it at arm's length – so the hair will look as natural as possible.

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