How to make a hairstyle on short hair

How to make a hairstyle on short hair
Short haircut is convenient and practical. It does not require as much care as long hair. Owners of short haircuts can afford to be different – sports, romantic, business, vamp, etc. Very much at the same time depends on how the hair is laid. In any case, it is very fashionable and beautiful today to look a hairstyle on short hair with a brightly marked occipital zone (a-la-bob). This can be done by yourself.

You will need
  • – расческа с “хвостиком”
  • – comb with frequent teeth
  • – curlers
  • – a brush-three-row
  • – hair dryer
  • – stowage means
  • – hair spray
Вымойте голову, тщательно вытрите полотенцем и нанесите на влажные hair укладочное средство – мусс, гель, пенка или воск. Не переусердствуйте, единовременно используйте столько средства, сколько указано в инструкции. В данном случае «больше» не значит «лучше».

Take curlers medium size and screw them. Winding strand volos должна быть одинаковой ширины с curlers. It should also not be too thick, otherwise it will take a very long time to dry hair. Strands on the back of the head are always screwed in a downward direction.

Просушите волосы и осторожно снимите бигуди. Приступайте к тупировке, т.е. начесыванию волос у корней. Для этого возьмите расческу с частыми неострыми зубьями и короткими движениями начесывайте прядь за прядью, двигая расческой примерно от середины пряди к корню. Оставляйте кончики прядей нетронутыми, они будут необходимы в дальнейшем в качестве «маскировки» начеса. Если хотите, чтобы hairstyle served you longer and did not fall off, fix the stupid varnish.

Brush a three-strut gently lower, smooth tanned strands, using intact nap tips as a cover. Try not to break the splendor, act cautiously. As a result, you will receive volume the back of the head. The final touch: with fingers, which must first be applied wax for hair, form separate strands on the occipital region. For example, extend the extreme to the temporal zone of the prion forward. They will revitalize hairstyle.

Now put the parietal and temporal zones. The direction of the hair can be any, but it is important to make sure that they do not go beyond the parting, which divides the occipital and parietal area.

Fix hair style with hairspray.

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