How to make a hairstyle on medium length hair in 2018 year

How to make a hairstyle on medium length hair in 2018 year
Hair of medium length – this is exactly the universal option, which to the face is absolutely everything. On such hair it is easiest to give vent to fantasy and at the same time look great! They can emphasize the individual features of your face, adjust the shape, the main thing is to choose a suitable styling. Universal, incredibly natural and suitable for almost everyone is the following hairstyle, which can be quickly and easily done on medium length hair.

You will need
  • Фен, круглая щетка для волос, фиксирующие средства для укладки (мусс, легкий гель)
Нанесите на слегка подсушенные полотенцем hair a little mousse or gel. Drying volos do not mean rubbing them with a towel! Just blot out excess moisture and let them dry independently.

Armament hairdryer and a round brush, and start drying your hair from a fairly long distance, lifting them in roots и создавая тем самым необходимый volume. The trick for the lazy and appreciating the still more natural: you can simply tilt your head down and dry your hair at the roots.

Divide the hair into strands and lay ends в different side.

Select individual curls with a gel, underline the ends – your air hairstyle ready!

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