How to make a hairstyle on curly hair

How to make a hairstyle on curly hair
Curly hair is always very beautiful. But that they do not look disheveled and careless, it is important to be able to put them in different hairstyles. These hair look great lush tails, voluminous braids, feminine bundles with forward strands.

You will need
  • Hair dryer, hair band, hair roller, fixing means, styling products.
Before doing the hairstyle, bring the curly hair to the proper view using a hair dryer with a diffuser. Especially if your hair is not strongly curled naturally. So, first wash your hair and lightly dry it with a towel. After that, take one strand, put it in the diffuser and turn on the dryer for medium power. Hair will quickly curl and acquire volume. So treat the hair dryer with all your hair. Before drying, you can put mousse or foam on the strands, so that the curls are elastic and obedient. Now you can make hair from hair.

A simple hairstyle for curly hair. From one side, separate the strand of hair and roll it into a tourniquet. After that, fasten the tip of the harness to the ring and fasten it from behind with an invisibility. Then make the second curl at the ear level. Now, from the other side, make two absolutely symmetrical flagella. Lower hair can leave falling on the shoulders or also twist the flagella from them and fix them. This hairstyle is great for a date or a romantic evening. It fits well with a dress in Greek style.

A volumetric hairstyle. Separate the hair coming from the forehead and ear, and kill them with crab. From the lower hair, make a tail. And thread the tail not to the end, to get a loop of hair or a bun. Now remove a few strands from the tail and wrap them around the elastic band to make it invisible. Lock all the locks with invisible ones. Now free the front strands, which are stabbed with crab. On the one hand, twist the hair into a tourniquet, take it back and chastise it at the beam. Repeat the same steps on the other side. Do these strands and fix them at the back until the hair is over. Coat hair in the bang area, lay back and hide under the main hairstyle. In front you can leave a few strands for beauty.

Roller of hair. Due to the structure of the hair, the roller turns out to be voluminous, so this hairstyle looks beautiful. Make of all hair a tight tail on the vertex. On its base, put on a special roller. Now spread the hair over the platen, and on top put on a thin and imperceptible gum. Remove the tips of the hair under the resulting cone or leave them to hang down beautifully. The front may be a bang or a few curly strands. This hairstyle is suitable for both office and evening.

Casual hairstyle. Collect in the tail on the top of the head as high as possible not all curly hair, but only a part of them. For the tail, take the hair from the temples and the back of the head. So, behind you get a beautiful waterfall from the curls, and in front the hair will be removed. Thanks to this hairstyle, long hair does not interfere and does not climb into the eyes.

Spikelets. Embroider on a curly hair braid. To do this, divide the crown hair into three strands and begin the usual weaving. After a couple of links, start making podders alternately on the left and right sides. Even if you do a weaving tight, fluffy hair will still curl and create a volume on your head. Going to the base of the neck, you can fix the hair with an elastic band or continue braiding the braid until the end. A long braid can be bent in half, and at the base of the neck, put on a hairpin. Then we get a loop from the braid. Similarly, you can braid two braids: from the right and left side, and then combine them into one.

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