How to make a hairstyle in the style of 60-x

How to make a hairstyle in the style of 60-x
If you want to make a fashionable hairstyle, it is not necessary to flip glossy magazines, watch news about the latest fashion trends or escape to a beauty salon. It suffices to look into the pictures of my mother's youth, and then it becomes clear which hairstyle it's better to do at the prom, a wedding, a romantic dinner or just a meeting of friends. Today in fashion hairstyles 60-x Years.

Hairstyles in style 60-x These are practical, versatile hairstyles, they are perfect for all types volos and for any length. With the help of mousse, comb, hairpin, invisible, ribbons and rims, you can make any type of hairstyle in this style. Experts advise, how to do it hairstyle в style 60-x годов не традиционным способом. Для того чтобы создать hairstyle, you need to collect carefully hair on the back of the head, not in one tail, as it usually is is done, but in several bundles. This method creates an additional volume.

Initially, the hair needs to be divided by the central parting from ear to ear. In the back of the neck, there are five sectors in the form of diamonds, which are collected in tufts hair and fastened with an elastic band. In the parietal zone in the center near the parting hair is strung a strand of hair, it determines the main volume of the hairdress.

Зафиксированную начесанную прядь укладывается в затылочную зону между пучков волос. Следующую прядь следует гладко вычесать и накрыть начесанную прядь. Эта прядь придает эстетический вид прическе и скрывает допущенные погрешности.

Next, we divide the hair of the frontal zone into two parts. One of them is combed and fixed by a hairpin to the occipital zone, the second strand is laid also.

If there is bang, ее можно зафиксировать лаком в любом положении. Объем этой прически удерживают хвосты, поэтому это прекрасная возможность пощадить кожу головы от огромного количества шпилек.

Can do hairstyle в style 60-x in a traditional way. To do this, it is necessary to separate a part of the hair from the front and collect the hair in the tail behind. The tail is divided into several strands to give the volume, each strand is combed, twisted one at a time and fixed with invisibility in the form of a semicircle.

Remaining hair should also be combed, twisted and fixed in a semicircle. Then the hair is distributed, smoothed out and the final touch – bezel, ленточка или обруч.

Прекрасно подойдет это стиль прически для Women, which are very Thin hair. In order to make hairstyle, you need to divide the hair at the forehead into two equal parts with a straight centered part, pull the hair down. With the help of hairpins to pin on the top of the hairy lining (chignon), hair from the temples and the neck comb up and wrap around the hairpin, tuck and fasten with pins.

После того как основная часть готова, нужно придать эстетический вид передних прядей, пригладив их с помощью косметических фиксаторов.

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