How to make a hairstyle "cook" in 2018 year

How to make a hairstyle "cook" in 2018 year
Retro-fashion returned to the heads of boys and girls glorified incomparable Elvis Presley cook. A hairstyle in the style of rockabilly will decorate the image not only for a costume party, but also for a business day or a festive evening. Moreover, it is not difficult to do it at home.

You will need
  • – мусс или воск для укладки волос;
  • – hair spray;
  • – расческа с частыми зубцами;
  • – a wide round brush for hair;
  • – hairdryer.
Wash your hair lightly with a towel. Separate the strands from the forehead, from which the kok will be made, twisting them with a flagellum and zakolov with a hair clip. The remaining hair dry with a hair dryer and a round brush, lifting them at the roots. If you want to give your hair extra volume, use a special mousse.

After that, start modeling the coca itself. Loosen the fixed front strands and divide them into two parts. Part of the hair, which is closer to the back of the head, scratch and, with a raised, fasten with studs. For durability, fix the hairstyle with lacquer. The remaining loose strand near the forehead should be pulled out with a round brush and a hair dryer so that the hair is perfectly even. At the base it can be lightly combed for extra volume. Throw the lock back with some carelessness, fasten as quietly as possible.

For the evening image, leave the rest of your hair loose. Rolled with ironing or curling tips will make the hair look more neat and bright. If you want to wear a kok in the afternoon, going to work, to classes or to an informal event, you can collect the remaining hair in a ponytail, not too tightly attaching it with an elastic band.

With short hair all is easier: dry them with a hair dryer and a round brush, combing from the back of the head to the forehead. Then strands should be raised with your forehead, slightly brushed, and take back, without destroying the created volume. If the length of the hair allows, fix the tips of the front strands with invisible ones. Drink plenty of hair varnish at a distance of at least 30 centimeters, otherwise they will stick together. This version of the hairstyle will suit both the young man and girl.

Another version of the coca is a kind of beam. Lift all the hair, not dividing them into the parting, and twist into one big tourniquet on the vertex. The resulting bundle lay in the direction of the forehead, tuck ends of hair и закрепите их невидимками. Переднюю часть волос вытяните над лбом и уложите небрежной wave.

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