How to make a hairstyle at the prom

How to make a hairstyle at the prom
To shine in all its glory at the graduation ball, you must carefully choose for him an outfit, accessories, makeup. And, of course, a hairstyle – stylish, elegant, emphasizing your personality.

If you have long hair, such a simple option is actual: falling waves on the shoulders with light waves, slightly tousled strands with a straight parting. But do not confuse such a hairstyle with violent unkempt kosmy. The effect of negligence is achieved here with the aid of styling aids. Hair is wound on large curlers or curled by forceps, then carefully combed. Melted or clarified strands look particularly impressive in this hairstyle, visually creating an extra volume.

You can focus on curls if your type of face is suitable for them. In this case, wind curls on thin hairpins or use the services of a hairdresser. But keep in mind that cool curly hair is excluded from romantic, coquettish lace and ruches in festive attire.

Идеальным вариантом для выпускного вечера станет высокий хвост. Сделать его очень просто: стяните волосы на затылке и хорошенько расчешите. Такая прическа удобна тем, что не потеряет форму до окончания бала. Если же вы решите преобразовать хвост в скромный пучок, творчески подойдите к его украшению. Атласная лента, необычная заколка, яркий бант, цветок – выберите то, что вам наиболее подходит и по душе.

Romantic and attractive look a variety of pigtails – from French to African. It is important not to overdo it with their quantity and intricacy. Practice, try different options: on the Internet you can find a lot of instructions for braiding braids.

Short hair can be curled and laid with neat waves or combed on the side part in retro style. It is interesting to see a haircut in a cascade or a tier. And if nature requires unusual, riotous, build a hairstyle with the effect of dishevelment, with beating strands, a lush long bangs. But again – observe the sense of proportion, do not go to undue risk, experiment with your hair in advance.

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