How to make a hairdress for the ball

How to make a hairdress for the ball
The ball, for whatever occasion it is conducted, usually becomes an important event in the life of the girl. After all, this is a holiday and a good opportunity to feel really feminine. And no less than the event itself, it is important to prepare for it, for example, choosing a hairstyle.

You will need
  • – hair spray;
  • – mousse;
  • – Shampoo;
  • – бигуди или плойка;
  • – hairpins, hairpins and other jewelry.
Выберите прическу, которую вы хотите сделать. Она зависит от различных факторов, в том числе от вашего вкуса и уместности на конкретном празднике. Если организовывается thematic ball, think about how to adapt your hairstyle to the general theme.

Your inspiration can help Pictures from fashion magazines of the XIX century. Hairstyles from there will be especially appropriate for a ball in a classical style, combined with a lush dress. Illustrations of this kind can be found either in collections on the history of the costume, or on various Internet sites.

Wash your head before starting the process. If you want to radically change your style, use a shampoo with a toning effect. Further, if you want to curl your hair, wind it on curlers or use a curling iron. Before this, it is better to lubricate the hair with mousse to fix future curls.

Most options ballroom hairstyles are for long and very long hair. A good idea may be the following idea: make a smooth straight parting on the crown, then on the occiput form a small knot, but half the length of the hair should remain free. Curl the remaining hair so that they turn into three or four locks – "sausages". Spray the hairdo for additional fixation.

If you long hair with a graduated haircut, try the following hairstyle option: fray the hair in high cone, leaving short locks at the temples. Curl them and fix them properly with mousse or varnish. Thus, you will get a hairstyle in the style of "empire.

For short hair, use the following method: make a stitch that fits your hairstyle, and in addition, decorate your hair with sequins, original hairpins or a rim with artificial flowers.

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