How to make a hairdress at home in 2018 year

How to make a hairdress at home in 2018 year
New time necessarily requires women to always and everywhere be unique and unique. Every day combining a multitude of roles, a lady of the 21st century should be confident, optimistic and active in any conditions. Success is promoted by its appearance, well and the first impression is created by a hairdress. However, the life of a modern woman practically leaves her no time for daily trips to the hairdresser. And this is not necessarily – absolutely unique, interesting and unusual hairstyle can easily be done at home.

You will need
  • Comb
  • Scrunchy
  • Зажимы для волос
  • Invisible hair
  • Лак
  • Mousse
Сделайте прямой пробор или зигзагом или. Его следует вести от макушки in the middle.

Collect one piece volos Rubber, and the second neatly divided into three the same Strands from which weave the braid, periodically capturing additional strands with hand person and from sampling.
How to make a hairdress at home

Secure the end of the spit with a clamp.

Weave the same braid of hair, fixed with an elastic band.

Cross both braids at the neck and kill them with invisible ones, tucking their ends inwards.

Give volume thin hair and create effect dense hair, due to weak tension
How to make a hairdress at home

Lock varnish. Finge the side strands.

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