How to make a hairdo for ballroom dancing

How to make a hairdo for ballroom dancing
For all people taking part in sports ballroom dances, there is a special standard of hairstyles, which must be adhered to by both women and men.

Do the traditional bundle (“shovel"), suitable for both European and Latin American ballroom dances.To wash it, wash your hair, then apply a hair gel along its entire length to freshly damp wet hair.This can give your hair a shine and smoothness. collect all the hair in the ponytail on the back of the head and comb them with a comb with small denticles.Then twist the hair into a tourniquet and wrap it around yourself several times.Then fasten the resulting bundle with the studs and well sprinkle it with a lacquer of strong fixation. From above you can put on him some bright mesh.

Заплетите классическую hairstyle under the name "Shell". This weave is most often used for European dance. In order to create it, wash your hair. Then brush damp hair on one side. After that, by band прямого пробора все волосы закрепите при помощи невидимок. Далее, как можно сильнее начешите оставшуюся часть волос, а затем перекиньте их в обратную сторону. Свободные концы волос подверните вовнутрь прически, закрепите и обильно сбрызнете полученную “Ракушку” лаком.

Make a bundle with curls falling from it. This hairstyle is a kind of ordinary beam. It can be braided in exactly the same technology as the usual, smooth. Only when you perform it at the very beginning you just need to separate a few ringlets for decoration. Next, at the moment when you wrap around the gum combed hair, fix them with studs so that the ends of the hair remain. They can curl, and then beautifully to lay around the resulting beam. You can also decorate them with different sequins or sequins.

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