How to make a haircut, as in Lera Kozlova

How to make a haircut, as in Lera Kozlova
Every girl dreams to stand out from the crowd. On what only tricks do not go! And a bright unusual make-up, and exclusive clothes, and non-standard hairstyles. Lera Kozlova outperformed everyone, deciding to radically change the image and thus attract the views of millions of people. Many girls were amazed at such a bold decision and take the example of Lera.

You will need
  • Long hair, courage, hair clipper.
If you look closely at the photos Lera, it becomes clear that such a hairstyle it is not at all difficult to do. To start hair не помешает привести в нормальный вид с помощью краски для volos. The color should be однотонным. After coloring dry hair with a hair dryer.

Затем аккуратно разделить волосы, сделав пробор с правой стороны. Волосы, оставшиеся слева, собрать заколкой. Взять машинку для hair cutting, adjust the nozzle length in 3 mm and shave off the hair on the right side head from the forehead, smoothly passing to the temple and up to the crown. It is important that the parting was even, try not to hook machine заколотые волосы.

Выбритая часть головы довольно обширная, поэтому закрыть ее оставшимися hair Not sure it's going to happen. But you can combine the styling in many ways, for example, braid one braid on the left side of the head or make a high tail. And you can wind on curl, then beautiful curls will frame the face only on one side.
Scythes ...

В летний период времени можно наплести африканских braid, чтобы добавить прическе новизны. Для особо неординарных личностей подойдет и косая челка в совокупности с бритым виском, более short сторона для симметрии должна быть справа.

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