How to make a haircut a typewriter

How to make a haircut a typewriter
Men's model haircuts in the salons are quite expensive. And meanwhile, most men are not so fancy in choosing a hairstyle. The main thing is to be careful. What can we say about our sons? Making a boy sit in a chair when an unfamiliar aunt is buzzing and clicking in dangerous proximity to the ears is akin to a feat. In these cases, the best way is to cut your men yourself at home with the help of a household machine.

You will need
  • – Hair clipper;
  • – sharp scissors;
  • – Comb with small denticles;
  • – Thinning scissors for bangs;
  • – The razor.
Wash your hair, dry it and comb well. Some machines can cut wet hair, but most models very quickly blunt knives from working with wet strands.

Divide the head into four zones: the occipital, the lower-occipital, the parietal and the temporal.

Put on the typewriter the largest comb attachment and start the preliminary haircut. Start work on the occipital part, then go to the temples and end on the parietal area.

Machine move against the growth of hair, slowly and smoothly. Do not be afraid to spend several times on the same place: the haircut will be more accurate. Carefully comb the hair between the machine's aisles to remove the cut hairs.

After you have passed the entire head, change the nozzle to a shorter one, for example, after 12 mm of the comb, put on 9 mm. Pass the occipital and temporal areas.

Обрабатывая зону вокруг ушей, аккуратно отгибайте ушную раковину левой рукой. Так как в этой области волосы могут расти и вперед, и назад, вам придется пройтись machine several times in different directions.

To the border between the hair of different lengths was not noticeable, at the beginning of the occipital zone, press the machine to the head more tightly. Approaching the parietal zone, withdraw your arm and increase the angle between the nozzle and the scalp. Then the transition will be smooth.

Install an even shorter nozzle, for example, 6 mm. Pass once again the lower-occipital and lower parts of the temporal zones. Hair comb in different directions.

To make a bang, select the triangular zone with the forehead. The closer the upper point to the crown, the thicker the bangs will be. From this point, draw straight lines to the temples.

Lift the hair straight, determine the length and cut it with scissors. This will control strand. On it, level and scissor the rest of the mass of hair. If desired, bangs can be profiled.

Scissors handle the edges of the haircut, cut the hairs protruding unevenly. Make edging the neck and temples with a razor.

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