How to make a hair-snail

How to make a hair-snail
This hairstyle intricate and original. It will look stylish on a weekday, and in the festive will become a creative component of the image. The hair-snail goes well with an unusual outfit in the ancient Roman style or with an open evening gown. Only women who have hair below their shoulders and sufficient density can make it. This hairstyle is difficult to perform, but having done it yourself several times, you will get the necessary skills.

First, divide hair to sectors centered on crown, dividing them by radial instruments to line окружности начала роста volos. If hair thin and naughty, use mousse or foam.

На макушке оставьте небольшой круг волос диаметром примерно 5 см. Каждый сектор волос закрутите в валики, начиная от макушки и двигаясь вниз ко лбу, ушам и затылку. Валики затягивайте до тех пор, пока они закрутятся в жгуты и «каракулевые» петли. На конце валика сформируйте cochlea или пучок и закрепите на линии начала hair growth small stilettos or invisible. The hair left on the vertex, also twist, simulating the doodle.

One can do on the contrary. Begin to twist the roller from the line of hair growth beginning and up. Connect all the rollers on the crown, form on it an astrakhan pattern and secure with invisible or mini hairpins. If you have long hair, then on the vertex of the obtained жгутиков it is possible to make a bulky, protruding beam. In this case, when forming the roller, use strong facilities fixation. The base of the bundle is fixed by invisible or vice versa, disguised with a bright clip or ornament.

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