How to make a great hairstyle

How to make a great hairstyle
Regardless of the length and color of your hair, you can always choose a beautiful and fashionable hairstyle. For this, it is not necessary to contact professionals. There are a lot of ways to make great hairstyles right at home.

Try to collect the hair in a simple styling, making a "ponytail". This hairstyle is suitable practically for any cases. If desired, add clamps or invisible and decorate the tail with feathers, very fashionable in the current season.

Collect the bunch at the back of the head, twisting the hair clockwise and fixing them with special sticks or hairpins. Release a few strands: on the sides of the face – longer, in front – shorter. Add a decorative hair clip. So the hair will look airy and harmonious.

Use an alternative option for such a styling. Put the gel on the hair, collect them in the tail, fasten it with an elastic band and braid the braid. Screw the braid around the elastic and secure with the studs. The bundle can be located on the back of the neck or lower it closer to the neck.

Покройте волосы воском, соберите в хвост, выпустив боковую прядь. Поднимите их вверх и дважды сложите пополам, придерживая рукой и опуская ближе к шее. Оберните волосы свободной прядью и заколите их шпильками.

Нанесите воск на слегка влажные волосы. Сделайте прическу «конский хвост» и разделите его пополам. Одну прядь закрутите туго вокруг резинки, а вторую оберните вокруг полученного пучка. Следите за тем, чтобы кончики волос были направлены в противоположные стороны. Получившуюся прическу закрепите декоративными заколками.

Bite several thin braids, placing them as close as possible to each other. Treat the tips of hair with wax. Create a pigtail bundle, freeing strands on the sides.

Apply the styling cream. Hair plait in a braid, leaving free one side lock. From the spit, form a vertical bundle, fastening it with studs. With the rest of the string wrap the bundle and take the end of the strand under the curled braid. With a varnish, fix the resulting hair.

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