How to Make a Gel

How to Make a Gel
If you like to take a shower, especially after a hard day at work, then know – now you can prepare yourself a shower gel with your favorite fragrance and the right composition for your skin. In order not to get chemical compounds harmful to your health, use clean shampoos without any impurities.

You will need
  • – half a glass of pure shampoo without impurities and fragrances (you can buy it in a pharmacy, having consulted with a pharmacist beforehand)
  • – 1 / 4 glass of water
  • – 1 чайная ложка соли без горки
  • – 10-15 капель любимого эфирного масла
  • – пищевой краситель (на ваше усмотрение)
We proceed directly to the preparation of the gel. Pouring in shampoo в специально приготовленную для этого посуду. Подойдет глубокая great bowl. Adding water, we get in the way, until composition will not become homogeneous. Add salt, mix again. On the queue is essential oil with food coloring. Oil is poured on a droplet, continuously while interfering with the solution, and then add the dye and with final mixing we achieve homogeneity color.

It remains to find a suitable bottle for a freshly prepared shower gel and put it in the bathroom. Surely you will have an irrepressible desire to take a bath with a new gel. Так вперед, купайтесь с pleasure.

Essential oils are very lot. Но для придания организму бодрости хорошо подойдут the following: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, coconut, raspberry. Perfect for any skin and essential oil of honeysuckle. Giving an easy and unobtrusive flavor will help the essence, and persistent and stronger – an extract of ethereal Oil.

Прежде чем давать гель для душа членам своей семьи, не забудьте выяснить, вдруг кто-то из ваших родственников страдает аллергией на то или иное эфирное масло. В этом случае использование геля может повредить здоровью man.

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