How to make a fly

How to make a fly
In the ancient East it was believed that a beautiful woman on her face must necessarily have a mole. Fashion designers still allow themselves one or two flies, and in this capacity are perfectly suitable for artificial moles, made in the technique of permanent make-up.

You will need
  • Cosmetic pencil;
  • Anesthetic cream;
  • Anesthetics;
  • Одинарная или тройная игла для татуирования;
  • Paint for permanent make-up of eyebrows.
Выберите a place for the fly, its form and color.
How to make a fly

Apply anesthetic cream.
How to make a fly

Нарисуйте мушку косметическим in pencil.
How to make a fly

Start piercing the fly needle, expanding the circle from the center to spiral to the right diameter.
How to make a fly

Нанесите анестетики.
How to make a fly

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